By: Zach Winn | August 17, 2017
Legably is an online platform that helps lawyers connect with firms and solo practitioners to find and manage contract work. Zach Winn interviewed the company founder and CEO, Dan Reilly, about how he is looking to help out small to medium sized and solo law firms.
By: Colin W. Barry | August 17, 2017
Operation Code is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping unemployed veterans break into the tech industry and helping to bring veterans and citizens together. We interviewed the organization's COO, Conrad Holloman, on how Operation Code is looking to fulfill this mission.
By: Christina Luconi | August 17, 2017
During your career, you don't always have to be the comedian as cracking a joke once in a while can certainly lighten the mood on a stressful day. Christina Luconi writes about the importance of good humor in the workplace and how it helps everyone.

BizzPage Spotlight

Boston AI/ML startup building solutions to help nonprofits fundraise more intelligently.

By: Brianne Shelley | August 16, 2017
Laura Bronner, the Head of Branding at EF Education First became interested in becoming an entrepreneur after attending a panel. Brianne Shelley interviewed Bronner about her career, including her other entrepreneurial pursuits and how she ended up working at EF Education First.
By: Alexander Culafi | August 16, 2017
e-Spirit is a nearly 20-year-old company that makes cloud-based CMS. CMO Michael Gerard discusses the company, as well as what it means to innovate the right way.
By: Keith Cline | August 15, 2017
Mautic is a marketing automation platform that leverages the power of an open source community, combined with a slick, easy-to-use product on a modern architecture. We interviewed Matt Johnston, Mautic's CEO, about the founding of the company and how they are changing the game with marketing automation.

BizzPage Spotlight

Chewy delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 500+ brands of pet food and goodies for free! 

By: Alexander Culafi | August 15, 2017
Howl is a social nightlife app that allows you to connect to your friends and find out what they’re up to. Alexander Culafi interviewed the brother-and-sister co-founding team, Becky and Chris Cowie, about their nightlife venture.
By: Mike Volpe | August 14, 2017
Cybereason is introducing DEEP 2017, an event where thought leaders will discuss new approaches to cybersecurity and today's sophisticated threats. The company's CMO, Mike Volpe, shares some tips on how to create a meaningful conference, plus some of the details of their inaugural event, which includes Steve Wozniak as a keynote speaker.
By: Colin W. Barry | August 14, 2017
Out in the small Massachusetts suburb of Maynard, Kaon Interactive is developing experiences utilizing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). VentureFizz interviewed the Kaon's President and CEO, Gavin Finn, about the company's 20-year history and what their technology entails.