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Systems Administrator (Messaging)
2 Avenue de Lafayette
Boston, MA 02111

As a Systems Administrator (Messaging), you’ll be the source of knowledge for all things collaboration. From Exchange Online to Skype for Business (SfB) to other new collaboration solutions, you'll help drive and develop strategies geared towards meeting the world-wide communication needs of Carbonite. You'll join the Carbonite IT team to support our strong O365 presence, develop new solutions (and streamline old ones), all to solve the complex needs of a Carbonista, and do all of this with scale and security in mind.

Specific Objectives and Responsibilities

  • Be the go-to resource for everything messaging and collaboration at Carbonite, working with teams and individuals across Carbonite to drive the adoption of our collaboration tools and build new and improve old systems to their needs.
  • Improve our methods and tools of Integration, so that when Carbonite grows and new Carbonistas are joining our team your tools will make them feel welcome and effective from their first day on.
  • Keep us all secure from the threats, attacks and infiltration through our communication channels with cutting edge systems to secure the communication ways.
  • Be a fanatic-Robot-Hero keeping our collaboration systems in top shape and build them out for Carbonistas in all the world to enjoy.
  • Leverage our relationships with different partners to test and improve new collaboration technologies to find how to best fit the fast-evolving Carbonite environment.
  • Design solid and scalable solutions for day-to-day collaboration for all Carbonistas, so nothing stands in the way of delivering a great service to our customers


What will make you successful at Carbonite:
  • A track record of good judgment and decision-making in positions with significant responsibility
  • Highly autonomous and able to independently identify high value projects and drive them completion
  • Demonstrated leadership capability in cross-functional team environments
  • High degree of comfort with complex technical environments
  • Having and being able to articulate/defend an informed opinion on important topics

You are:

  • A Unified Communication savant: you believe that communication and collaboration is the most important thing that keeps a global company going. You have an in-depth knowledge in one or both areas of Exchange and Skype for Business and want to dive even deeper into other new (and old) collaboration Technologies.
  • A passionate problem solver: you can't hear about something broken without immediately jumping to fix it, and you can't hear about an issue or problem without digging deep to find a solution; you don't let problems go and people know it
  • A PowerShell hero: your skills save the day during any larger integration project. You know that you can solve any problem (in AD/Exchange/SfB) with just some lines of code. You love the feeling to write it once and run it a hundred times.
  • Part-Robot: you keep up with the latest tech, watch all the keynotes, and want the future yesterday; you can't wait for VR collaboration spaces, you tinker with technology even when you're off the clock, and you believe given enough time you can automate anything
  • A synergy fanatic: it is your strong believe that collaboration tools need to integrate with each other and need to life in a synergetic symbiosis. Systems that live on an Island will drive you mad, and integrating them into the larger collaboration eco system is the only solution.

In 2005, Carbonite introduced a new way to protect computer files, quickly becoming one of the leading providers of affordable, easy-to-use cloud backup for consumers. Since then we’ve expanded to include a complete range of advanced data protection solutions for today’s sophisticated IT environments.

Today, businesses of all sizes use Carbonite to keep critical data online and accessible no matter what. We’ve delivered consistent growth with more than 30 consecutive quarters of record revenue. We’re rapidly expanding our product portfolio, driving SMB sales growth more than 50% for two consecutive years. Through recent acquisitions of DoubleTake and EVault, we’re uniquely capable of delivering a full complement of backup, disaster recovery and high availability solutions for any size business in any location around the world, all supported by a state-of-the-art global infrastructure.

Carbonite is comprised of more than 1,000 dedicated individuals at locations all over the world. Our headquarters is in the heart of Boston’s bustling Downtown Crossing neighborhood. We foster a thriving, dynamic environment rich with inventive minds and entrepreneurial spirit. With a proven ability to drive both organic and inorganic growth, we’ve set our sights on becoming the undisputed leader in data protection. As a leading provider of cloud solutions and software as a service (SaaS), we are well-positioned in a rapidly growing market. We’re currently adding to our team of skilled professionals, both in the U.S. and globally, to help us keep the momentum going for this year and the future.  Are you ready to grow with us? #

Category: IT/Systems/Networking

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Carbonite provides data protection solutions including backup, disaster recovery and high availability solutions for any size business in any location.

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