AdeptID builds talent matching technology to get more people into better jobs, faster.

Talent Applications, Training Orgs, and Employers use our models for Talent Discovery (identifying talent for in-demand roles on the basis of transferable skills) and Career Navigation (helping talent choose between career pathways and upskilling opportunities).

Our engine learns from our partner's employment outcomes, as well as curated external datasets, to create feedback loops that learn and improve as we scale. Our intuitive and powerful APIs help us integrate easily into any partner's offering.


We believe that everyone is adept. All individuals have a latent set of skills, capabilities, and aspirations that make them likely to succeed in jobs, even jobs that are superficially different from what they have done before.

We believe that technology can help identify these transferable traits and recommend individuals to in-demand jobs and the training to get them there, all the while championing individual choice and agency.

We strive to be excellent in our work and in the way that we treat each other. We gather as a group every quarter to reaffirm our goals and mission AND to enjoy each other's company!

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People and Team

Product & Society

Everyone is Adept

We all have ways we can contribute. It’s all of our job to find and bring out these strengths in one another (including creating an inclusive environment where different types of people can thrive).

Our models find & empower hidden talent, promoting a richer understanding of how all people are adept. Our API-first approach allows everyone to access the same best-in-class matching capabilities.

Individual Choice & Agency

We respect one another’s choices about how we get work done and how we integrate our personal lives.

We leave space for individuals to define what success looks like for their careers and lives.

Continuous Learning & Innovation

We ask and tackle big questions, look for answers in unlikely places, and make time to daily learn new things.

Our models are always learning and improving, in order to enable individuals and organizations in their own journeys of imagining better futures and reaching their full potential.


We enjoy our work and each other.

We seek to deliver delightful experiences to our partners, customers and stakeholders.

Integrity & Excellence

Within the flow of our work and interactions with one another, we do what we say and say what we’ll do.

We put people & mission first, and actively mitigate potential misuses / bias in our technology.

Competitive early-stage compensation
FSA (including dependent care)
4-month paid maternity leave