Brandwatch is the world’s leading digital consumer intelligence company, allowing users to analyze and utilize conversations from across the web and social media.

It is the perfect platform to make sense of your consumers, their needs, wants, and interests.

With official access to Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr's firehose, plus data coming from 100 million other sites, our historical archive includes over a trillion conversations, with 501 million new ones added every day.

Our platform then combines queries and AI to help you parse and analyze the data that's useful to you. From there it can be chopped, sliced, and combined to find insights you can put into action.

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Brandwatch is only as good as its people. For them to be at their best, they need a positive and supportive work environment.

Working at Brandwatch means flexible working, personal development, and a strong community-focused culture, whether you’re remote or in the office.

Our communities

Our committees, groups, and channels are the make-up of Brandwatch’s culture. They keep our people connected, and help to set out Brandwatch’s future.

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  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
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It’s not just about what you want to achieve, but how you achieve it. Our values give our staff a framework for what they do and how they collaborate with one another. They’re the basis of our shared purpose.

A diverse and inclusive community

Brandwatch is committed to creating a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our company. We hold ourselves accountable to meeting the diverse needs of our team and ensuring we make efforts to create a positive impact in our internal culture as well as in the wider ecosystem.

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