ButcherBox cares about the lives of animals and are proud to partner with folks who raise animals and harvest seafood with safety, sustainability, natural tendencies, and comfort in mind. They believe farmers are the people who harness the power of nature and that they should earn fair and predictable living wages. They are working to support sustainable fishing and agricultural practices, improve soil health, and minimize our carbon footprint. ButcherBox's partners and their employees are one team. ButcherBox believes in creating an environment where all of our workers are treated equitably and that their diverse identities and backgrounds are celebrated.

ButcherBox is making high-quality meat more accessible to all, raising the bar for the meat our members eat and serve the ones they love.

**In January 2021, ButcherBox became the first meat brand to become a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). 


We strive for excellence in every area, and that includes finding the best animals, working with the best possible meat processing and fulfillment facilities, having a data driven mindset, caring for our employees and always focusing on our members.

We set lofty goals for ourselves and the company and we relentlessly improve until we attain them. When we reach these goals, we celebrate our wins, but remain humble and forge on to the goal.

We’re accountable and authentic both internally and externally by communicating as much as we can on our team and with our partners, while admitting our shortcomings. We work tirelessly to do all of this in order to connect families with the foods they want to eat by establishing a friendly neighborhood butcher, always open, online.