Catapult exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams. With precision engineering at the intersection of sports science and analytics, Catapult products are designed to optimise performance, mitigate the risk of injury, and quantify the return to play.

Catapult began in 2006 as an Australian start-up focused on elite wearables and has since become a category leader in elite sports technology, completing a number of key acquisitions over the past few years. This includes the purchase of Canberra-based GPSports in 2014, market leader in video-based technology XOS Digital as well as Ireland-based PlayerTek in 2016, and most recently SportsMed Elite and Baseline athlete management systems in August 2017.

Over the past ten years, Catapult has provided performance analytics to the world's leading sports organisations. Teams such as Brazil, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Saracens and the Australian Cricket Team have all benefited from Catapult insights, as well as organisations, leagues and governing bodies such as the England and Wales Cricket Board, NRL and La Liga.

Today, Catapult has over 350 staff worldwide, serving thousands of teams across 39 sports in 137 countries.


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Why Catapult

Amazing people

We can promise you will work with some of the smartest and most interesting people in the industry. We work hard but we always have fun doing it.

We value development

We are a high-performance organization and always challenging ourselves to continuously grow. That means we maintain a growth mindset in everything we do and invest deeply in employee development. You'll need to be great to be hired here and we promise you'll get even better.

We care about you

We offer competitive compensation and outstanding paid maternity and paternity leave. We also offer annual leave, pension, referral bonus, quarterly value awards and social events.

Love the place you work

We have great office spaces located around the world with state of the art equipment. Be aware, we have very competitive table tennis games in a couple of offices, so be prepared to play and have fun!

Work with elite sports teams

Why wait until the weekend to be involved with your favourite sports teams? Every day you can make an impact with our clients who are some of the most elite teams in the world.

Shape the future of sports

At Catapult we work at the cutting edge of sports technology. So not only will you get to work in the world of sports, you'll have the chance to shape its future too.

  • Values


We encourage everyone to share their ideas and opinions through constructive, open and honest two-way dialogue.


We expect all of our people to demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for making Catapult extraordinary.


At Catapult we constantly seek to innovate and pursue smart solutions to any problems we face, both individually and collectively.


We encourage a culture that sees people take ownership of their responsibilities while working collaboratively as part of a team.