Founded in 2018, CreateMe is a world leader in customization and on-demand apparel technology. Our solution spans software front-end to automated manufacturing delivery at speed and at scale. 

CreateMe empowers brands to eliminate waste, maximize margins and create limitless means of self-expression for every consumer.

We're based in New York City with a global footprint that extends to London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney and beyond. It includes customization services worldwide, a manufacturing R&D lab in San Francisco, a specialized R&D team in Portland, and a product development team in LA.

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We're a passionate, close-knit team that thrives in a cross-functional environment—developing and leveraging a vast portfolio of cutting-edge, proprietary customization technology to personalize and create one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories at speed and scale.

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These core beliefs are the DNA of our culture and a part of our daily language and behavior. They inform our work, guide our decisions, and shape our team.

  1. Innovate Above All Else: We challenge the status quo and are inspired by ambitious goals and progressive thinking. Innovation is the heart of our operation, helping us see beyond traditional best practices and think outside the box to ultimately create new business paradigms.
  2. Be an Owner: We create accountability by defaulting to action. Here, there’s no such thing as “someone else’s problem.” Our people are empowered to question assumptions, address challenges head on, and take pride in their work.
  3. Take the Leap: We believe in a data-driven approach that doesn’t limit imagination. With the right test-and-learn mindset, we believe big bets and calculated risks can help us overcome the biggest obstacles in the business.
  4. Open & Positive: We have open, positive attitudes that provide us with the strength to overcome challenges and innovate solutions. With a clear-eyed and realistic view of what’s ahead, we always nurture an open, optimistic mindset.
  5. Collaborate & Communicate: We promote honest communication within and across teams. The sum of our organization is greater than its parts, so we share information and ideas and work cross-functionally to achieve company-wide success.
  6. Ideas Over Ego: We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere — that’s why we support brilliant endeavors, not egos. When we prioritize the team over individual success, we all win.
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Save for the future with our 401(k) program
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Enjoy an additional week of paid time off on us between Christmas and New Year's Da
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Learn and grow through formal and informal learning and development opportunities across the organization, along with team and individual education and development opportunities chosen by you and your manager