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ezCater Company Overview

ezCater was founded in August 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, and is the world’s largest marketplace for corporate catering.

We make it easy to order food online for your office. From routine office lunches to offsite client meetings, from 5 to 2,000 people, we have a solution for you. ezCater connects businesspeople with over 70,000 reliable local caterers and restaurants across the U.S. And we’re not just a great website. We have a team of 5-star customer support professionals who are ready to help. Call us and a real Catering Ninja will answer. No “Press 1” nonsense.

ezCater began with a handful of restaurant and catering partners in Boston. As our service matured, we expanded across New England and the Southeast. Today, ezCater offers a curated list of the best business caterers for 22,743 cities and towns across the U.S.

Jobs at ezCater

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ezCater is the worlds largest online marketplace for catering a $60+ billion market in the U.S. We make it superbly easy for businesspeople to find and order great food for meetings and events, and we help our catering partners grow their business. Were backed by $320 million in venture funding and in early 2019 were valued at $1.25 billion. Our mission is to power the worlds catering, and well make it happen even more surely if you come help us. If you are passionate about building and growing high performing teams, while remaining committed to your technical craft, this might be the...
Software Engineering/QA

Work-Life Balance
We work hard wherever and whenever inspiration strikes—but we don’t let work take over our lives. We make life better and easier for our customers and we never miss a soccer game or dentist appointment.

Learn by Doing
We’re making our mark and doing it quickly. Our teams work cross-functionally to make big progress, and we expect everyone to do things they’ve never done before.

Use Good Judgment
From meeting customer needs to taking vacation, we empower our employees to use their best judgment in everything they do. We expect you to make tough decisions and take risks.

100% Transparency
We don’t like silos … or doors for that matter. Everyone has access to company information and is urged to view “the books” on a daily basis.

The Best Team, Ever
Work and learn from world-class peers who are passionate about growing a business and building a fantastic place to work—we’re serious about our no jerk policy.


I love how horizontal ezCater is. Everyone’s ideas are listened to, valued, and considered. That goes for anyone who has been here, whether it’s just one day or multiple years.


Here’s ezCater in a nutshell: whip-smart colleagues, zero politicking, and a refreshing optimism that’s paved the way for explosive growth. People are generous. People have fun. 


Imagine a culture where you’re not held back by process or structure. An environment where change is encouraged, where everyone has an equal voice, and where you’re allowed to flex your talents

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ezCater's work-life balance leaves nothing to be desired. When we're at work, we get to work hard in an amazing, collaborative, laid-back environment. When we want or need to take time off, we can with no qualms. I'm never stressed about scheduling appointments or dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

40 Water Street
Boston, MA 02109
999 18th Street, Suite 200ST
Denver, CO 80202

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