ianacare is a next-generation support and navigation platform for family caregivers. Unsupported caregiving is a common and growing issue with heavy costs to individuals and institutions. While over 90% of care happens in the home vs in hospital, virtually all family caregivers (54 million and rapidly increasing in the US alone) are unsupported, untrained, and unpaid. These gaps in caregiver support profoundly decrease the quality of care while contributing to large avoidable costs for healthcare systems and employers.

ianacare is an integrated platform that organizes and mobilizes all the different layers of caregiving support and personalized guidance. Using data-informed and human-centered anthropological design, ianacare partners with major employers and health plans to provide a platform with the resources, education, and team organization needed throughout the complex journey of caring for a loved one. We are leveraging the power of technology and community to establish a new type of care - “I Am Not Alone Care” - to address isolation, gaps in systemic support, and elevate the social determinants of health that impact 80% of health outcomes.

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Our mission is to encourage, empower, and equip family caregivers with practical tools and supportive communities, so no caregiver does this alone.

We advocate for systemic changes while creating tangible support and tools today. Our hope is to shape generations to love and care for one another with humanity and dignity, especially during life’s most vulnerable moments. And we won’t stop until the 54 million family caregivers nationwide are embraced with the love and support they deserve.

We are a passionate team of caregivers, supporters, and medical professionals. Our perspective continues to be shaped from all angles of this complex journey. We believe that caregiving in itself is not a problem to be fixed. In fact, we know first-hand that it is one of the most honorable acts of love. We recognize the problem as a lack of support and practical resources for those who are thrust into the role of caregiver. 

Our team is always innovating to better serve caregivers and transform how we support the invisible backbone of our healthcare system.

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We say what we mean, we are realistic, and we are deeply honest with ourselves, our customers, and our caregivers.



Our deep-seeded empathy is rooted in action. We believe impact is delivered with usable, practical tools, resources, and solutions.

Human Centric


We believe caregiving is an innately human experience that cannot be replaced by technology. We use technology to enable human connection.



Everything we do is in service of caregivers. We advocate for them individually and systemically.

Unlimited PTO
3 week paid sabbatical after 3 years
Top-notch healthcare, dental and vision.
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