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Why I Joined: Toast

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There are many factors that play into one's choice when deciding on what company is the right fit for them, so we decided to dive deep into why Toast is a great place to work by asking their team members the question "Why did you join Toast, and what were the major factors for you?"

Ruben Cagnie, Principal Software Engineer

I have known Toast for a while because some friends of mine were part of the founding engineering team. I’ve been following Toast’s phenomenal growth as well as their amazing work of building out a great culture.

I joined because I got a chance to start a new green field project that could really impact the day-to-day of a Restaurant Employee. I also got a chance to build out the tech stack from the ground up. The goal is to scale up the architecture and infrastructure, so it can be leveraged for any new app Toast would build in the future.

Bradford Pielech ToastBradford Pielech, Senior Engineering Manager

After spending years in Enterprise Networking and Security, a fascinating and complex yet hard to relate to world, I was looking for a role where I could feel more connected to the day to day challenges and mission.  Toast offered that, because at the end of the day, we all feel a special connection to restaurants.  That purpose coupled with an unbelievable opportunity to reshape Digital Ordering and I was sold.  

Kate Swanson ToastKate SwansonPrincipal Software Engineer, Team Lead for Order & Pay at Table

Toast stood out to me for a few reasons.  First, because of its mission to put restaurants first.  Many companies claim altruistic missions, but at Toast we really strive to support restaurants and make decisions on their behalf in our day to day work.  As my team and I develop, we interact on a weekly cadence directly with customers, gather powerful feedback and take their needs directly into account as best we can.  I am personally moved and motivated by this customer connection and I can see the same in my coworkers.  Secondly, as an artist and builder in my own life I am driven by innovation.  At Toast, especially as we emerge from the pandemic, I have seen so much potential for technology to reinvent and augment the ways restaurants currently operate.  Toast’s development culture not only makes space for this sort of innovation but strongly encourages it.

Marc DanielsStaff Software Engineer

Toast was making headlines for years before I joined in 2018, so I wasn't surprised by the palpable buzz in the Fenway headquarters when I came in for interviews. But I was pleasantly surprised by the no-ego, customer-first culture that was evident even during the recruiting and interviewing process. There was a high level of energy and enthusiasm from everyone I interviewed with or observed while walking through the office. I sensed a rare balance between a fun and scrappy startup company with that of a more mature venture that has won enough customer respect while they continue to innovate and build a world class team.

Another thing I valued early on is that Toast would be my first SaaS company after spending years working on on-premise enterprise software. I was impressed with how the modern tech stack used at Toast enables agile, rapid responses to customer and market demands (think 2020 and the sudden importance of digital ordering). The shorter life cycle, feedback from production, and observability afforded by cloud-native SaaS was irresistible to me after years of quarter-long on-premise release cycles.

Eden Shoshan Toast

Eden ShoshanSenior Software Engineer, Team Lead

My values are rooted in volunteerism, community engagement and simply doing good. It was very important to me to find a role where I could build software that solves a problem for a set of customers and feel the impact of my work. I was originally drawn to Toast's mission of enabling the restaurant community to delight their guests, do what they love, and thrive.

During my job search, Toast was also hiring for a Team Lead role that directly aligned with my career goals. I was looking for a hybrid role where I could balance individual technical contributions and gain exposure to people management. The Team Lead role allowed me to stay technical, while also flexing other leadership muscles as I developed my career path towards engineering management. In this hybrid role, I am responsible for ensuring our team drives and delivers results, as well responsible for growing and developing team members. I collaborate closely with cross-functional partners like Product, Design, Quality and Documentation to ensure alignment across the team and ultimately execution. 

Lastly, a big part of my decision to join Toast was its culture and energy. It's tremendous to see Toast's growth over the past few years. I'd argue it's even more amazing to see among that growth and change, the entire organization is consistently rooted in its values. In my earliest interactions with Toasters, I could tell that everyone was driven and inspired by the organization's mission, by thinking of the customer first, by working together as a team, and by treating one another with kindness. Frankly, I wanted to work with - and learn from - every person I met, and this attributed immensely to my decision to join Toast.

Elizabeth "Biz" Silverstein Toast

Biz SilversteinSoftware Engineer II

There were three main reasons I decided to work at Toast. My first priority has always been working at a company that would make regular people’s lives easier. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my friends in the restaurant industry talking about how much they love our product. It was also incredibly important to me that I worked at a company that cared about diversity and inclusion. My final reason to join Toast was purely selfish, I just absolutely love going out to eat and was thrilled at the opportunity to make that a part of my job.

Ned McConnellStaff Software Engineer, Team Lead, Online Ordering

Toast stood out to me as an opportunity to work for a leader in a field and industry that I love. It wasn’t until I had an opportunity to research the company and speak with some of the employees that I realized that Toast wasn’t just building technology for restaurants. To see a company so focused on building-up their customers and stopping at nothing to make the industry better was truly inspiring. I came to Toast to provide for my family and satisfy my soul - essentially everything the restaurant experience itself is - and I found that here.

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