The future of technical support is here

Here at Mavenoid, we believe that customer service is the service. Customers now demand support on their own terms. They want expert help, around the clock, via any channel, without having to repeat themselves.

To meet these expectations, companies are using chatbots to create self-service experiences that are available anytime and everywhere. We think these chatbots need less chat, more troubleshooting.

That’s why we built Mavenoid. We’re helping companies automate technical support through virtual experts that actually work. It’s troubleshooting as a service.


We’re proud to be backed by Mosaic Ventures, Creandum, and Point Nine Capital.


We’re building a world class, remote-first company

Being remote-first allows us to work with the best people, wherever they are based. Our team is currently spread evenly between Europe and the US. We invest in the right tools (and people) to ensure that communication, collaboration and culture can all thrive. Prefer an office? We have those too.

Our Culture

  • Spikiness – You have one superpower, and we don't care if you are weak in other areas
  • Intellectual Honesty – You are radical about truth and candid to a fault
  • Selective Intensity – You are an 80/20 person who gets the right things done
  • Eternal Troubleshooting – You don’t tolerate brokenness, and can establish loops that identify and eliminate it
  • Values
  • Benefits

Why Mavenoid

The long view
We’re on a journey to build a 100-year company.

We embrace the challenge
You like to solve hard problems and do new things, not mimic others.

Small scale, big impact
You want the upsides of joining a small company early. We're still small enough (54 mavens) for each person to shape the company and their role. We offer outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, and meaningful equity.

A team built on skill and honesty
You want to be surrounded by people who inspire you and can teach you something new. We look for spikiness, people with one superpower. And we’re radical about truth. We share our opinions directly and expect to be challenged.

Why not Mavenoid

We're not a walk in the park
You want to do something easy and friction-free. If this was easy, it would have been done already.

We don't follow others
Not having a map makes you anxious. We know our destination, but not the exact path that will get us there. If this makes you nervous, you’ll do better at an established slow-moving company.

We won't hold your hand
You struggle with self-discipline and staying motivated. In a small team, we all need to be able to rely on each other. This means we can only hire people who can be relied upon without micromanagement.

There are no guarantees
You are risk averse. If you're driven by a high salary rather than meaningful ownership in the company, there are better options for you out there.

Free food and snacks
Sponsored social activities
Your custom home office
Virtual first, office optional
Health insurance
Swedish-style vacation
Fitness fund
Meaningful equity
Continuous learning