PathAI’s mission is to advance medicine with intelligent pathology.

PathAI's platform provides end-to-end data-driven pathology analysis, resulting in fast, accurate and standardized pathologic diagnoses.

Research and Drug Development Solutions
PathAI's deep-learning solutions drive discovery and predictive diagnostics in drug-development. PathAI's technology accelerates R&D efforts and brings standardization to all phases of the drug development pipeline.

Clinical Solutions
PathAI is developing clinical decision support tools to improve the clinical workflow and bring increased efficiency, standardization, and clinical insights to diagnostic pathology.

Global Health Solutions
PathAI is working towards improving health around the globe, by building machine learning applications to provide pathologic diagnoses at a low cost in developing nations.

PathAI’s goal is to make an enduring impact on patient care by helping hundreds of millions of people receive accurate diagnoses and effective therapies.

Jobs at PathAI

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Challenging problems across domains, great people, and huge impact. What else could you want in a job? Will you join us?

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Whether you’re psyched about digital pathology, an amazing UX, or the quality of code you write, no one’s phoning it in; and we’re always working to be better.


We are innovators. We experiment, tinker, and aren’t afraid to break things in service of creating something amazing.

Trust & Autonomy

Set your hours, make your own agenda. We know we can count on everyone, every day… except, y'know, weekends, holidays, & generous PTO days.


We’re constantly collecting feedback from our team in an effort to create a work environment that supports them in every way possible.


We have honest and open talks about the financial state of the company, successes and opportunities for improvement.


Everything we do is cross-disciplinary, and we're a company built on great communicators and team players. Two of us wrote this blurb. 🖐🎤