At QSR International, we believe technology has a unique opportunity to influence human outcomes. Because of this belief, we are proud to empower people seeking to make social impact. We provide technology to support social research, advance medical practice, help recovery after natural disasters and prepare students for real world tasks with work-based learning solutions. We want to see people solve big picture problems and achieve real progress. Their passion ignites our passion.

With our suite of products, NVivo, Sonia and Citavi, we give people the power to make better decisions by uncovering deeper insights and advancing their area of exploration.

NVivo helps you discover more from your qualitative and mixed methods data. Uncover richer insights and produce clearly articulated, defensible findings backed by rigorous evidence.

Sonia empowers you to easily and efficiently manage placement programs in any discipline.

Citavi improves research productivity and knowledge management.

Headquartered in the United States, we maintain offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. 

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Empowering people, every day

QSR International helps countless professionals and academics excel at what they do through technology. We facilitate continuous learning and discovery by supporting progressive educational and research outcomes. We’re contributing to a society driven by social progress and striving to make impact on a global scale. 

Intuitive and innovative technology solutions

As leaders in our field, we are always working to improve our customers' experience and exceed their expectations.  Our software inspires excellence by supporting the most progressive educational and research outcomes. 

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Our values – Strive, Together, Empower, Passionate are what drives our business decisions every day.

  • Strive: Find the better way | Lead the solution | Explore the unknown | Shoot for the stars
  • Together: Results focused | Never give up | Building resilience | Be accountable
  • Empower: Take on change | Evolve & Adapt | Embrace opportunities
  • Passionate: Be courageous in all your actions | Driven for challenge | Make a difference every day
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