​Salsify was created to empower brands to win on the digital shelf.

Every single purchase made by a consumer is now digitally influenced. Whether it’s through doing research online or seeking out reviews, there are a multitude of touch points that assist a consumer in their decision to purchase. This is the digital shelf, and for brand manufacturers to win on the digital shelf, they require a new type of commerce platform.

We believe that such a platform must combine Product Experience Management (Integrated PIM, DAM & Experience Builder) with core commerce capabilities designed to enable sales both across retailer/distributor channels as well as marketplaces, social commerce, and D2C sites. Our goal is to integrate all those capabilities into one technology stack, and that is what we are building with the Salsify CommerceXM platform

The world’s biggest brands--including Mars, L'Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK--use Salsify to win on the digital shelf by delivering the commerce experiences consumers demand anywhere they choose to shop online.

We care deeply. We are empowered. We take action. We are positive thinkers. We are Salsify.

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At Salsify, we are looking to bring the best people to our team; no matter what place you call home, what background you’re coming from, or how you identify. We recognize that top talent doesn’t reside in one location, so neither do we.


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Our values guide what we do, what we build, and who we hire.

We Care Deeply

We take pride in having a positive impact on each other, our company, our customers. We do our part to drive Salsify and our customers to success.

We Are Empowered

We empower each other through transparency, communication, and collaboration. We work to get the information we need to take well-informed action.

We Take Action

We take initiative and follow through to execution. We iterate. We have an appetite for experimentation because we believe it leads us to the most impactful solutions.

We Are Positive Thinkers

We trust that others are acting with the best intentions. We find solutions to challenges. We respect our competition but we refuse to lose. We are here for the long-run.

At Salsify, we value authenticity and the power of human differences. We believe the strongest and happiest teams respect diverse perspectives while fostering an ongoing commitment to inclusion. To us inclusion means that everybody, regardless of their life experiences, must be heard, accepted, and contribute to our mission and core values.

We commit to building and celebrating diversity and inclusion across Salsify to deliver the greatest impact and best experience to our employees and customers.

And we believe actions speak louder than words.

People of Color Mission

The People of Color's mission is to create an intentional & voluntary safe space for people of color & allies where all are invited to learn and contribute, while remembering to amplify the voices of those most impacted first and foremost.

LGBTQ Mission

The LGBTQ's mission is to be pioneers of best-in-class LGBTQ workplace practices by promoting health and safety of our LGTBQ community, acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of our identities, and promoting inclusivity throughout hiring, growth, and development at Salsify.

Womxn of Salsify Mission

The Womxn of Salsify’s mission is to create a safe and empowering community that encourages the personal and professional development of women at Salsify and beyond.

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