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Engineering Spotlight: Catapult Sports

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Catapult exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams. Delivering precision technologies at the intersection of sports science and analytics, Catapult's solutions are designed to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, and support return-to-play processes.

We connected with Haribabu Namduri, Vice President of Engineering at Catapult Sports, to get an inside look at the company's technology, various projects, the team's culture, and more. 

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Quick Hit Details

  • Year Founded: 2006 ​
  • Number of employees: 340 
  • Number of engineers: 72 globally
  • Industry: Sports/Technology

Can you share a summary on what Catapult Sports does?

Catapult is the world leader in sports performance technology, working with nearly 3000 teams in 39 sports around the world. Catapult provides wearable technology, video analysis, and athlete management software to improve the performance of athletes and teams. 

What are some of the different technologies that the engineering team gets to work with and at what scale?

Our engineering teams work with a wide variety of technologies. 

  • .NET, React, Node, Objective-C/Swift 

  • Selenium and Postman  for test automation

  • MongoDB, SQL server and mySQL

  • AWS, ELK stack, Docker, Jenkins/GoCD

  •  C#, C, C++ Embedded FIrmware running on the device

What are some of the interesting projects that the engineering team is tackling?

We are currently working on our next generation video analysis product that is sport agnostic to provide detailed insights that are used by the coaching staff to improve athlete performance. The product has quite a few interesting challenges that we are trying to solve ex: real time analysis of video, managing huge volumes of video content, integration with external data sources to improve the quality of insights, etc.

We are also doing some interesting work with data and video in our cloud native platform and are always looking for accomplished full stack engineers who love sports.

Does your engineering team have a chance to work on projects outside of their day-to-day responsibilities? 

Yes, our engineers have the opportunity to take on initiatives that are interesting to them and that have an impact on our customers outside of their day to day responsibilities.  We do brown bag sessions where engineers get to share some of these interesting projects that they have worked on with the wider organization. Our engineers use quite a few open source solutions and we regularly contribute back to the open source community.

What is the culture like at Catapult Sports for the engineering team? 

At Catapult, the engineering team is a bunch of talented and passionate individuals who work hard and play hard. We strongly believe in engaging our engineers early on to provide them with the context of the customer problem that we are trying to solve, and provide them with the necessary resources and support and let them do the magic. We’re flexible and have an excellent work-life balance. 

We have an annual company football game during which we use our own products to track individual and team performance. This includes everything from the latest wearable technology to drone and VR video.

What can a potential employee expect during the interview process?

During the entire interview process our goal is to learn as much as we can about you, i.e. What are you passionate about and what motivates you? How you go about solving problems, your rationale for some of the decisions while proposing solutions to problems.  How do you interact with an agile product team? How do you balance product agility Vs long term maintainability of the code?  

Are you involved in any local tech organizations or Meetups?

Yes, MassTLC.

Rapid Fire Q&A

What’s on tap? 

Whatever has the highest ABV

Star Wars or Star Trek? 

Star Wars

iPhone or Android? 


Coffee - hot or iced?

Both, the fancy coffee machine in the office has both

Favorite employee perk? 

Working with some of the best sports teams in the world.  

Team Profiles

Mike Young Catapult Sports

Mick Young, Senior Software Engineer

I have been programming professionally for over 19 years, in fields such as video games and custom test equipment. Over the last 6+ years at Catapult, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to some very interesting solutions. Eg. Getting live data from sensors on an athlete in the middle of a game through to 3rd party media providers, so player statistics could be shown on live national TV in real time. Accomplishing such a task is only possible by working with a set of peers you trust and respect, also with a supportive management team providing you with the needed resources.

Nigel Seaman Catapult sports

Nigel Seaman, Senior Software Engineer

I am a former Division I college football player with degrees in computer science and economics from Vanderbilt University.  With over 13 years of full stack software development experience, working at Catapult provides me the unique opportunity to use my professional and athletic experience to give our customers the competitive edge.

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We exist to improve the performance of athletes and teams.

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