Tackboard, Collaborate with Friends

Gavin King, a fifth-year computer science student, has found a way to make sharing photos with friends just as exciting as the experience of capturing them. 

His newly released mobile app, Tackboard, is a platform for users to collaborate on public photo collections, complete with geo-tagging and a sleek design. Tackboard allows users to sign up and invite their friends through Facebook. 

While on co-op in California, Gavin and his friends wanted a better way to post and collaborate on a board of their pictures from a day of surfing or a weekend of road tripping. Gavin realized that most photo-sharing networks didn’t allow for friends to creatively build photo experiences on social media, something he believed was valuable to a group.  

His idea started with creating a website, but beta testing quickly revealed that users wanted an easier and more intuitive way to build photo stories with their friends.  

“A lot of social networking sites are becoming cluttered and disjointed among users, so I knew Tackboard needed to be a refined experience for documenting experiences with friends,” Gavin shared.


Using his coding expertise, Gavin got to work building a mobile app. While he does not consider himself a designer, Gavin was not afraid to work tirelessly until his design was perfected. 

Gavin began working with IDEA when he realized that Tackboard could be used by various groups of people in very different ways. IDEA gave Gavin various tools to push his business to the next level, including narrowing down a target market for the app. “I needed business advice, and IDEA was able to steer me in the right direction.” 

Through market research, Gavin also realized that he would have to wait and see just how people use all of the functionalities available within Tackboard. 

Tackboard is unique in that it encourages dialogue on photo boards and aims to allow users to uncover intriguing photo boards from around the globe. By creating a platform that is both public and collective between friends, Tackboard captures a space that has been left wide open by other social networks. 

Emily Iverson is a Marketing Student at Northeastern University and is currently at Reebok in a PR/Communications Co-op. You can follow IDEA on Twitter @IDEANU.