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Catapult is the world leader in sports performance analytics, serving over 2,900 teams across 40 sports worldwide.

We connected with Franki Hughes, Global Program Manager - Talent Acquisition, of Catapult's team to get an inside look at the company's day-to-day operations. 

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Quick Hit Company Details

  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Number of employees/number of employees: 343
  • Industry: Sports Performance Analytics 

Can you share the details on what Catapult Sports does?Franki Hughes Catapult

We create technology to help athletes and teams improve their performance at all levels of sport. How do we do this? By creating and building technology which ranges from wearable tracking devices to athlete management software and video analysis. If you’ve ever seen your favorite soccer players wearing what looks like sports bras (that contain GPS trackers) - that’ll be Catapult! 

Who are some of your customers? 

We work with nearly 3000 teams across 39 sports in 137 countries - ranging from Real Madrid, the French National Football team and England Cricket, to the Boston Celtics, 29 NFL teams, and all 31 NHL teams. 

What are your company’s core values or how would you best describe the culture and working environment at Catapult Sports? 

We have 4 core values that we stand by: Candid - We encourage everyone to share their ideas and opinions through constructive, open and honest two-way dialogue. Ambitious- We expect all of our people to demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for making Catapult extraordinary. Intelligent  - At Catapult we constantly seek to innovate and pursue smart solutions to any problems we face, both individually and collectively. Accountable - We encourage a culture that sees people take ownership of their responsibilities while working collaboratively as part of a team.

Is there anything that you’d like to share in terms of promoting diversity across your company and hiring practices?

We are always looking at our processes to ensure that we not only promote diversity but that we hold ourselves accountable to consistently improve our hiring practices. Whether it be conducting panel reviews internally or working with external firms to eliminate gender bias wording from job descriptions - we are always learning and therefore improving on our processes!

As a company, we are actively involved in the Women in Sports space, through our partnership with the organization Women in Sports Tech. We also run a biweekly content series profiling high performing women in the sports performance space. 

From a big-picture point of view, what experience or traits do you typically look for when interviewing and hiring new employees into Catapult Sports?

We look for people who will fit into our team culture. If someone is a team player, has energy and is passionate about what they do and excited by what we do, then chances are they’ll be a great match. 

What’s the best way to get a job at Catapult Sports?

Reach out to our Talent Team with your details and keep an eye on our careers page. Even if there aren’t any vacancies that match your skillset, we love it when prospective candidates get in touch. 

What can someone expect during the interview process?

We always make sure that candidates get a great understanding of not only what the day to day is but what makes Catapult great as an employer. Helping candidates to get a feel for our culture is also an essential part of the interview process. More importantly, we always make sure that the candidate is not just a fit for us, but that we are a fit for them! 

What can people expect over the course of their career at Catapult Sports?

We can promise you will work with some of the smartest and most interesting people in the industry. We work hard but we always have fun doing it. Also - who wouldn’t want to work with the best sports teams in the world on a day-to-day basis? 

At Catapult we work at the cutting edge of sports technology. So not only will you get to work in the world of sports, you’ll have the chance to shape its future too.

We strive to support all our employees throughout their careers here, whether it be through development opportunities, growth or even traveling to our other global locations. We offer international secondments, and even have some employees that go in-house to work at a sports team for a year.  

What types of activities are employees involved in at or outside the office?

It varies from office to office, but some activities range from very competitive table tennis at the office, to playing in a basketball league, to pick up ice hockey games!

Share one or more random fun facts 

Our Product Support Technician Christina Julien (based in our Melbourne office) is the proud owner of a real Olympic medal. She was a key player in Canada’s soccer team that won bronze at the London 2012 Olympics!

Rapid Fire Questions 

What’s on tap?

Beer, prosecco, cider

Favorite employee perk?

Flexible working - we’re proud to give our employees an amazing work/life balance. 

Wake up before the alarm or hit the snooze button?


Employee Testimonials

Mena Faiz Catapult






Mena Faiz, Applied Sport Scientist

In just under a year of my time at Catapult, I have been very fortunate to present at a Sports Analytics Conference, represent Catapult at national conferences, and work with several elite teams daily. Catapult has encouraged my professional as well as personal growth and supported my passion for sport science.


Brendan Lawrence, Operations Director

Catapult has been perfect for combining my love of sport and career goals. The ambition and growth within the company has presented opportunities like no other, supporting my desire to work abroad in Leeds, Chicago and Melbourne.

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