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What Companies are Doing to Push for Workforce Equality for Women

In recognition of International Women's Day and this year's #EachforEqual theme, we reached out to companies asking the following question: 

What is your company doing to continue to push for workforce equality for women?  

Here are their responses. 

We kicked off the Women in Leadership group at Interactions by hosting our first event in celebration of International Women's Day, featuring speaker Bobbie Carlton. 
On March 4th, Privy partnered with Women Who Code and AAUW to host their second salary negotiation workshop. Together, we learned about the gender pay gap, how to articulate our value, and conduct market research to help womxn earn what they deserve.
Globalization Partners
We at Globalization Partners want to recognize and honor women around the world and in order to do so, we are hosting a global charity drive at each of our regional offices – Boston, San Diego, Mexico City and Indore. We have selected four organizations that empower and support women in their local communities and our Mexico City team is even recognizing the national event A Day Without Women. As an organization that spans the globe, we make it a priority to come together around global initiatives like International Women’s Day to empower those around us.
“In addition to my role as the co-founder and COO at Neurala, I’m a mother of four, and people often ask about how I handle the two – as I’m sure other women will agree, we’re sometimes made to feel like we can’t do both. My answer? I don’t apologize for it because I’ve learned over the years that it’s impossible to achieve work life balance, and I accept that. I bring my kids to work when I need to, leave early when necessary, and am transparent about that part of my life at work. I know that’s important for creating a strong workplace where others feel they can do the same.” 

-Heather Ames, co-founder and COO, Neurala
At Polis, we are proud to have fabulous women representation at 40% of our associates and be led by a female CEO. We host a monthly "Women who Lunch" where we gather to speak about various topics that impact women in the workplace. We are most proud of how we are developing a product that we hope will provide more opportunities for women to be in sales. Our mission at Polis is for our product and technology to enable neighborhood sales and create a place for more genuine conversations. Our product trains neighborhood reps to go have conversations in their neighborhood and therefore, we believe our product is making space for more women to grow their sales careers.
Soofa always hires at least 50% female-identifying people for our team, including the leadership team. We're a female-founded company, and we understand how hard it is out there for womxn in tech!
One way EverQuote pushes for gender equality in the workforce is through our Women-run Employee Resource Group, holding a variety of events for ALL EverQuote employees focusing on Women and DE&I. The Women's Forum remains actively involved with EverQuote's recruiting process by meeting with prospective candidates to discuss career growth opportunities, group-lead support, and upcoming initiatives.
Our CMO, Jeanne Hopkins, believes that a blocker to women reaching senior leadership levels is a lack of opportunity to practice and get comfortable with public speaking. To this end, she started a Toastmasters group at Lola, and is in the process of interviewing every single woman who works at Lola on the Table Fries podcast.
With over 50% of our leadership team being women, ALICE continues to provide leadership and growth opportunities for women at all levels in the company. We give mothers at ALICE the flexibility that comes from being part of our remote workforce,in the past have sponsored events like the Women in Hospitality Technology luncheon at HITEC, and have a “ladies at ALICE” Slack channel -- a place for the women at ALICE to discuss sensitive topics, celebrate wins, and talk about things they'd like to see changed. We also encourage and sponsor our employees to be part of female driven networking groups (like Declare, a leadership community for women, advancing careers through professional development, networking and shared experience).
“SevenRooms is dedicated to creating a work environment that celebrates empathy and the diversity of thought -- tools that are necessary to build a strong product and run a successful business. Innovation requires the dedication of passionate, talented people from a range of backgrounds and experiences. This dedication to equality in hiring great talent is what SevenRooms has been built on, with a 50% female leadership team and over half (54%) of all USA employees being women. It’s important to us that we address the implicit biases we all hold that can affect hiring decisions, therefore enforcing an inclusive and supportive culture, ultimately allowing women to rise to their potential and be rewarded for their successes”

-Allison Page, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of SevenRooms
We are dedicated to empowering the women working at Bloomberg across every level and every function. Through our professional development programs, industry-leading initiatives and inclusive policies and benefits, we are advancing gender equality both at Bloomberg and beyond.
Vistaprint has expanded it’s benefits programs to include back-up childcare, expanded parental leave, and enhanced our gender affirming services covered under our medical plan.
Rather than doing things for women specifically, we are focusing our energy on ensuring we have a workplace that is inclusive for all. We start from the position that everyone is created equally, and must be treated as such. Our programs include: Annual sponsors of Mass Conference for Women and 80 women each year, inaugural member of “Advancement for All” through Boston Chamber of Commerce and Babson, signed the Parity Pledge, which we broadened to hold our recruiters accountable to interview at least one woman or person of color for every open role, sponsor women participating in building their public speaking skills with SheSpeaks programs, created a “mom” friendly working environment with a state of the art Mother’s Suite for nursing moms to keep them productive and comfortable.
In 2019, WordStream launched an official employee resource group, the Women of WordStream. Our mission is to unify and empower women (including trans women & those that are nonbinary, gender non-conforming) across all departments at WordStream through events that are collaborative, fun, and educational. The employee resource group is focused on providing the tools needed for our members to scale career growth, maintain their work-life balance, and give back to the community.
Amazon Alexa
What unites Amazonians is that they're all striving to delight their customers and make their lives easier. Women lead some of Amazon's largest and most innovative businesses and have a positive impact on their products and services. Amazon seeks diverse perspectives and encourages their communities to embrace that we are all human, all different, and all equal.

We value individual expression, respect different opinions, and work together to create a culture where each of us is able to contribute fully. Our unique backgrounds and perspectives strengthen our ability to achieve Amazon's mission of being Earth's most customer-centric company.  
Our products are giving our clients (and ourselves) a powerful indicator for Pay Equity. We’re empowering business leaders to look at recognition award values and frequency by gender, offering real-time check-ins on pay equity and inequity within a company.
As a company committed to gender equality, Applecart empowers women through it's policies and benefits. From core benefits like 8 weeks paid paternity leave for both natural birth and adoption, to fringe benefits like an abundance of women's hygiene and wellness products, a dedicated onsite new mothers/wellness room and our always fabulous Ladies Night Quarterly Happy Hour.
Namely's value of "Engage" states that we appreciate differences and feel comfortable expressing ourselves at work. Our Employee Resource Group, WomenIn has a mission to combat unconscious gender bias and empower our community to move beyond traditional gender roles.
ASICS Digital
At ASICS Digital we have a thriving internal affinity group where women share their experiences, news & events, and recommendations on everything from workout motivations to dry shampoo brands! We support this internal circle with a number of external partnerships that focus on women's experiences in the tech space including She+ Geeks Out and Girls in Tech - allowing us to come together in coalition and community.
Turbonomic understands the importance of having an employee population that is reflective of our diverse customer community. To strengthen this focus, we launched two Employee Resource Groups with DevelopHer and People of Color in IT (POCIT). The mission of these groups is to empower women, people of color, and allies to work together in creating a healthy workplace environment by supporting Turbo’s D&I initiatives – including attracting top talent from diverse talent pools and providing opportunities for advancement through formal mentorship programs, workshops, volunteering, and industry conferences.
In 2019 Ordergroove launched a Women’s Mentoring Group. The group meets periodically to talk about shared experiences in a safe space and uses a #ladies-of-og slack channel to share tips, plan events, and post articles that others might find interesting.
Tidelift has been committed to making diversity and inclusion core to the team from day one. We are not only committed to pay equity—people doing the same job are paid the same—but have been intentional in our desire to offer benefits that meet people where their needs are. Our benefits include healthcare, 401k, substantial and gender inclusive parental leave (adoptions included), unlimited time off, coworking and home office stipends. As a remote-first team, enabling employees to work on their time, from their own contexts, that best fits into their lives.
This IWD, Salsify will be hosting a panel to discuss this year's topic, each for equality. Additionally, we will be spotlighting women who have had an impact on the business for the entire month of March; photos and testimonials highlighting these women will be posted on our digital screens throughout the office.
Part of Snyk's values are to care deeply, be ridiculously easy to work with, and embody a one-team mentality. International women's day isn't just one day or month for us, it's part of what drives the success of our company. This month we're highlighting Snyk women in the workforce, and hosting a fireside chat with our female executives. To further build a diverse and inclusive workplace, we're hosting unconscious bias trainings and have created a pledge to fair and inclusive hiring for our managers.
Catapult has a thriving partnership with the organisation Women in Sports Tech, helping raise awareness and promote job opportunities for women in a sector which is traditionally very male dominated. On Friday 6th March, we co-hosted networking drinks with Women in Sports Tech at the MIT Sloan Sports Conference.

Catapult also has a 'Women in Sport' content series, which profiles inspirational women in the sports performance space, providing well deserved recognition and exposure.
Truveris is extremely proud to be a diverse company in terms of race, gender, and work experience. Our leadership group (Director level and above) is 59% female. Also, compared to benchmarks within the Software/Computer Service industry, our employee population is 42% female versus 27%.

Our leaders, both male and female, believe our employee diversity and variety of unique perspectives allow us to innovate, challenge, and improve as a business daily.
I re-entered the workforce after taking a decade to raise my four girls and had doubts that companies would see my real value. Gravyty liked my optimism and people skills and set a path for me to grow. Because of this forward-thinking, people-centric approach, I was recently promoted to Director of Human Resources am working hard to grow and diversify our team.
In an industry typically dominated by men, Tufin boasts an extremely gender-diverse workforce. In Boston specifically, 35% of employees are women. According to a report from Frost and Sullivan, women comprise 14% of the cybersecurity workforce in North America, positioning Tufin’s female percentage as far above average. To further highlight Tufin’s leadership position in the area of gender equality, Tufin also signed on to the Boston 100% Talent Compact, a business community-driven effort to close the gender wage gap for working women.
At Yesware, we push for workforce equality by nurturing an inclusive company culture, having intentional partnerships and sponsorships, maintaining a strong employer brand voice that aligns with our beliefs, staying current with interviewing best practices, and through meaningful executive support. At Yesware, we understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and are happy to say that because of that we reached gender parity across the company in 2018 and have not looked back!
Pluralsight's commitment to equality of opportunity for women permeates all that we do, starting with team member compensation. Analysis of our Total Rewards program shows no significant difference across genders for bonus, equity, merit pay increases, promotions, and mobility.
At connectRN, we have a Women at CRN employee resource group that is sponsored by our Head of Product, Maddie Thoms. This group allows females at all levels to be heard and have their voices escalated to the executive team.
Reonomy has paid particular attention to creating a balanced leadership team, with 50% representation from women. We believe this is critical to our organization as we continue to grow exponentially. Additionally, we have a women-driven Slack channel, affectionately called #girlonomy, which creates a community in which those who identify as female can ask questions, share resources, and foster relationships across departments within the workplace.
Much of the Lovepop workforce is made up of strong, passionate women, and we are proud to expand our inclusive collection of products with brand new cards designed by women for women just in time for International Women's Day. Lovepop also has a Senior Leadership Team that is more than 50% female and offers a "Power of Women" club, which is dedicated to guiding and inspiring women to achieve their full potential as they navigate their career paths.
Panorama Education
Through a series of events for Women’s History Month, Panorama Education celebrates women’s fight and progress towards equal rights. We’ll host “Lunch and Learns” and panel discussions about women in leadership, salary negotiations, workplace culture and safety, and skill-based communications. To date, our Leadership Team is comprised of 57% women and 60% women company-wide.
"Valuing diversity is part our core values at Veracode. As the only cybersecurity company of its size led by a female CEO with an executive team comprised of 40% women, it is something we certainly live up to. We believe it’s important to help all our employees realize their full potential at Veracode, which means providing a supportive environment for everyone to thrive in. As an example, balancing home life and a career is a challenge for many people, even more so for women because of the traditional roles they have filled historically. To help with this, we recently launched a family care benefit that provides employees with backup child and elder care, college coaching for families, tutoring for school goers, and other support services. Most female employees have experienced the challenge of balancing family care with their career at some point and while it’s never easy, we are taking steps to provide more support in this regard so that women don’t feel as conflicted in their choices and have an equal playing field to succeed alongside male colleagues."

-Catherine Reid, Chief Human Resources Officer, Veracode
Piaggio Fast Forward
"Luckily, we haven't really had to push too hard as PFF is a great place for equality and inclusive thinkers! We've offered coaching and webinars on diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. We include 100% paid maternity and parental leaves. We have a monthly gals group, use inclusive language and pronouns in our communications, including in job descriptions and hiring practices and have zero tolerance policies for any harassment or discrimination."
At Bullhorn, our employee vision is for each team member to have a sense of belonging, a voice that is heard, and a clear path for success, a philosophy that we build into our individual scorecard reviews that are designed to encourage women (and other minorities) to highlight all of their contributions (not just numbers/metrics) and open discussions with their leaders that might otherwise be difficult to initiate. Bullhorn empowers women at all levels to speak their minds, discuss current events, and support one another through our women's group, HERd, and by sponsoring over 30 women each year to attend local women's conferences that drive professional development, like the Massachusetts Conference for Women and the St. Louis Business Journal's Women's Conference.
In historically underrepresented areas we are proud to say that women make up over 40% of our engineering and product teams here at MineralTree! We support a very active group internally called “Women of MineralTree” which empowers women on our team to give back to the community and lean on one another for support. In addition, we are a She+ Geeks Out sponsor and also participate in other women focused events in Boston.
Wayfair's Women@Work and Women+ In Tech Employee Resource Groups joined forces to host an International Women's Day event on Friday, March 6. Employees listened to a panel of women at Wayfair discuss this year's IWD theme, Each for Equal.
At ezCater, our goal is to create an environment that’s as inclusive, diverse, and equitable as possible for all. We have invested in compensation software and data, tracked by gender, that ensures all of our employees are paid fairly and equitably. We also sponsor workshops, conferences, and an internal Employee Resource Group for all of our employees who identify as women.
We celebrate, recognize, and build community among our women and allies! Today, we have women in leadership positions across every department and are steadfast in our commitment to fostering a culture where everyone thrives. #eachforequal
At Unqork, we're incredibly close to gender parity in senior and mid-level leadership positions. Everyone is treated equally, and there is an opportunity for women to grow and advance in their respective fields, and to support each other through events like our quarterly Women of Unqork speaker series.
At Intersection, we are ensuring compensation parity for women and men and are fully transparent with employees about compensation ratios. We also have an Employee Resource Group called Women at Intersection, with a mission to support, enrich, and inspire the success of women and our community through networking, mentorship programs, and special events.
At Imprivata, we have a Women in Technology Group called iWIT. iWIT began with the mission of offering opportunities for women across our engineering, UX, and product teams, but has grown to include women in all of our departments. The mission is to share our passion for technology, through internal and external networking opportunities, in addition to raising our internal value, supporting professional development, and fostering personal growth.
We're proud that here at Better, we’ve built a gender-diverse workforce with 44% of our global employee base identifying as female. Over the past year we’ve had the pleasure of participating in and hosting women in fintech groups and a women in sales panel at our headquarters. We also established two female-centric Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Womxn of Color and Womxn@Better, both of which are thriving soon after inception. And lastly, we are continuing to work to ensure that the representation of women is not just in the employee ranks but also in senior management and in 2020 we hope to make it a reality at the board level.  
Recorded Future
Recorded Future Women's Mentorship Initiative's mission is to empower the women of Recorded Future to reach their full potential and understand their value by cultivating strong mentorship networks and communities in the company and in the tech/cyber industry, inclusive of all personnel in the company.  We learn from each other and from seasoned experts in the field and apply these lessons to the challenges we all face as women.