Bevi is on a mission to disrupt the beverage supply chain and replace single-use water bottles with smart water machines. Thousands of companies use Bevi to sustainably provide their employees with pure, sparkling, and flavored water at work. As the market leader in IoT-enabled beverage machines, we’ve raised over $60M in venture capital and we’re doubling year over year. In addition to maintaining hypergrowth with our current product line, Bevi is heavily investing in new product development. Join us on our mission to unbottle the future!



We’re on a mission to unbottle the future.

We believe that how you stay healthy and hydrated is your choice to make. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for you and what’s good for the environment. We are creating a world in which you can do both.

Who we are

We’re a team of self-starting, mission-driven individuals with a passion for purposeful innovation and of course, office pups! That said, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, love to celebrate, and put people at the center of everything we do. As we continue to grow rapidly, we’re always on the lookout for scrappy, problem-solving, big thinkers to come aboard!

What we do

We use our design skills, engineering savvy, and service expertise to create meaningful experiences for our customers. We are in constant pursuit of purposeful, people-centric innovation, and strive to bring the next level of customization to the Bevi hydration experience.

Our core values

Work with Empathy

Proactively find ways to delight
Treat others’ needs as your own

Take Ownership

Make every decision like a business owner
Commit to continuous improvement

Embrace the Unknown

Seek and test creative solutions to challenges
Find solutions with courage and positivity

Create Fun

Take your job seriously, not yourself
Celebrate success!

Unbottle the Future

Push the boundaries of beverages, design, technology and sustainability
Foster sustainable habits