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Unique Perks in the Tech Industry

We decided it would be interesting to take a look at some of the unique perks that come with working for specific companies. Take a look below to see what these companies are offering, and how some are adapting to better suit their employees in this era of remote work.

Here at Quick Base, we’ve expanded our Wellness Benefit program for all employees. This benefit is typically $650 per calendar year and provides reimbursement for anything wellness related, anything from a gym membership to a bike to fishing gear. To help support our employees during the pandemic, we increased the benefit to $850 through the end of 2020, and also encourage employees to use this reimbursement to make working remotely easier. Employees have used the Wellness Benefit for desks, office chairs, even a coffee subscription! We’ve also encouraged employees to take the flexibility they need; we have so many employees balancing work, kids at home, caring for family members (furry family members included!) and we want to ease the stress as much as possible.   

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Tulip offers a special budget to create employee-led, Bottom-up events! So if an employee has a crazy cocktail hour they want to run for the team, lead a book club, or find teammates who would like to go kayaking on the Charles, they are welcome to organize and utilize the budget to do so!

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Pre-Covid we offered a commuter stipend and have now converted that into a work from home stipend. It goes into your first paycheck of the month for you to use for whatever office supplies you may need. 

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We cover 100% of health, dental, and vision insurance premiums for both our employees and their families because we truly want to take care of our people.

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Virgin Pulse offers free lunch when you go into the office. 

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At Yesware we moved from in-person, in-office meditation and yoga classes to virtual versions of both. We're also doing more unique virtual team building events through Thriver, who is offering pretty interesting events. So far we did a trivia night and we're also going to be doing a virtual magic show. But probably the most unique thing we did was through Goat2Meeting, where we paid a donation to an animal sanctuary and farm and got a virtual tour and met a bunch of animals over Zoom!

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While we are also doing the GrubHub giftcard to new employees in place of the first day team lunch they would normally go on, we are ALSO doing a free Headspace membership for all employees. Headspace is a mindfulness app that has workouts, meditations, and more!

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We offered employees every 3rd Friday off for a Wellness Day in 2020. This allows staff and their families to disconnect, focus on adapting to our new normal and to generally recharge. In addition,we also have partnered with ModernHealth, an employee wellness platform that offers wellness services for mental health, professional coaching, meditation and more!

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We have a Monday morning all hands. We used to order breakfast into the office. Now, we have been sending some random breakfast related packages - everything from Tatte gift baskets to Flour Pop-Tart baking kits. We try to always send from local businesses, as we know they are also struggling to adapt to the new normal!

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Our of our core values is Meritocracy and when we see great performance, we want to reward it. We spun up the Starburst Swag Store, and managers can issue "All-Star Bucks" (We call our team members All-Stars), and employees can redeem them for cool branded swag. This also helps us welcome new employees with All-Star Bucks so they can get themselves outfitted and ready to represent the company!

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Our employees’ mental health has been top of mind throughout the pandemic. To support employees throughout this stressful time, our CEO, David Cancel, spontaneously gave the entire company four extra days off over the summer. We also have started guided yoga and meditation breaks during the workday, and we have provided a subscription to the Headspace meditation app for all employees free of charge. Another unique perk that Drift offers is our sabbatical - after every three years of employment every Drift employee has the opportunity to take a one month sabbatical. We have seen a lot of our three year employees take advantage of this in fun, unique ways, especially during the pandemic.

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A few of Veeva's unique perks include:

  • Veeva Giving: At the beginning of each year, every employee has the equivalent of 1% of their base salary to give to the non-profit or charity of their choice. Our employees are passionate about different causes and this gives them the autonomy and ability to make a donation towards what matters to them most.
  • Work Anywhere: Our employees have the choice to work from home or in an office on any given day. We want everyone to work in an environment that is best for their productivity and life needs.
  • Veeva Break: Veeva closes its offices around the globe for a week at the end of December. By taking time off together, it allows for all of us to get a better break with family and friends and be recharged for the New Year.

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Due to COVID-19, Hydrow evaluated its current benefit's offering and made some necessary changes to continue supporting our people across all levels. Here are a few of the perks we are excited to offer: 

  • A yearly subscription for all employees to Headspace because we want to put our employee's health and happiness first.
  • A Coffee of the Month to foster a shared and connected experience during our daily work-from-home lives as well as maybe widen our coffee tastes by trying encouraging employees to try something new that they've not tasted before (if an employee does not drink coffee they can use the reimbursement for tea, soft drink, etc. - anything non-alcoholic).
  • We launched Hydrow’s Parental Program to help our full-time employees with children under the age of 16 with childcare and more. This new benefit, started September 2020 and will run through May 2021, was part of our larger commitment to creating a culture that is awake, aware, and in action when it comes to helping our crew when they need it most.
  • And lastly, be understanding and flexible with work schedules by reinforcing internal policies.

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Some of the unique perks that Mimecast has to offer include: 

  • SitterStream: A virtual, on-demand babysitting (ages 5-9) and tutoring (ages 10+) service offering 30, 60, and 90-minute engaging, fun, and educational sessions for your children.
  • Screen Stars: A virtual, on-demand babysitting (ages 4-9), and homework support service (target age range of 10-18). This service will support accountability and planning for homework. Note that this is not tutoring, which SitterStream provides.
  • Caregivers Employee Resource Group: The mission of this employee resource group is to provide space for Mimecasters, who are caregivers at home, to share experiences, best-practices, and connect with one another.

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At TRUX we have been offering exclusive perks including:

  • Socially distanced outing for small groups like apple picking or golf (following all the state guidelines).
  • We gave employees the tech/tools they need to make an at-home "office away from the office" with wireless keyboards, additional monitors, bookshelves, desks, and more.
  • Job sharing and flex-time to help employees balance work/home life.
  • We are offering to pay a portion of each employee's internet/wireless bill.

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On top of fantastic Blue Cross Blue Shield medical options, Klaviyo also offers:   

  • WFH stipend to set up at home office needs
  • Klaviyo University: Klaviyo University was founded in 2019 to provide company-wide learning and development opportunities across the entire company. One of our core values at Klaviyo is that we are curious and we aspire to “always be learning.”
  • Training & Learning Allowance: each employee is eligible to spend up to $3,000 per year on training and learning related expenses.
  • Fitness reimbursement for in-class and online + new wellness reimbursements coming in January 2021, to include more than just gym memberships and classes.
  • Parental leave: All parents are entitled to up to16 weeks fully paid parental leave

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Some of the unique perks at Nexthink include:

  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits: Nexthink offers 100% healthcare coverage to its employees, as well as dental, vision and life insurance. Employees are offered stock option grants, pension plans, 401K plans, retirement plans, and other great benefits
  • Time Off When Needed: Nexthink knows life isn't always work, work, work. It's important for employees to recharge their batteries and take care of their health - especially during these times. The company offers flexible work hours, paid time off, sick days, paid holidays, volunteer time off, sabbatical, bereavement leave, unlimited PTO, and 16 weeks maternity leave and 4 weeks paternity leave.
  • Development and Volunteer Opportunities: Nexthink encourages its employees to push their careers where they want to go. Nexthink offers professional development, tuition assistance, apprenticeship programs, job training, diversity programming and more. Nexthink also recently launched the CSR platform - Alaya - globally. The platform allows individual employees to donate time and funds to non-profits of their choice and get company support for initiatives close to their hearts.

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A few of the unique alterations Rapid7 made to adjust to in this new remote world include:

  • Financial allotment for WFH setups
  • Global days off to unplug, rest, and recharge
  • Daily Lunchtime Trivia in Slack with a $25 (or country equivalent) donation to organization of choice
  • Friday Concert Series highlighting guests and our own Moosicians  

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We wanted to ensure that our employees were set up for success and felt supported when we first transitioned to working remotely as a company. We have tried to remain as flexible in our hours as possible to balance work and home life for employees and provided additional company-wide days 

One of the benefits we began to offer was a Home Office Stipend. This allows team members to furnish their home workspaces with whatever they may need. We also expanded our monthly Remote Work Stipend to all employees to cover additional electric or internet costs while working from home. 

We have also shared Uber Eats vouchers for the whole company to celebrate monthly birthdays and anniversaries.

Additionally, we were focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our team members by offering a free subscription to the Calm meditation app. This was part of a greater effort of providing resources and information to support our team during a difficult transition and  any personal situations people may have been experiencing. 

Since we are an audio tech company we thought this aligned well with how we work since Calm offers music, meditation, stories, peaceful background sounds, and even offers things for children!   

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I had a chance to round up some of our awesome benefits that were introduced once we went remote. Here they are:

  • Generous home office and telecommute stipend
  • Virtual Fitness Classes
  • Virtual Open Mic Nights
  • Loaner laptop program for parents with children doing virtual learning
  • The Kinda Guide, a weekly resource for parents with tips and tricks for navigating remote learning, in partnership with EdNavigator 
  • Expanded care benefits to help employees who are balancing caring for others while working remotely 

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