Kensho is an AI and machine learning company, centered around providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the challenges of some of the largest and most successful businesses and institutions. Our toolkit illuminates insights by helping the world better understand, process, and leverage messy data. Specifically, our solutions largely involve natural language processing (NLP) and include speech recognition (ASR), entity linking (NED), structured document extraction, automated database linking, text classification, real world applications of large language models (LLMs) and more. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and are looking for passionate engineers to help us build and deploy state-of-the-art models across a variety of domains!


Why join Kensho?

At Kensho, you have the opportunity to benefit from the collaboration and innovation of a startup environment while also leveraging the resources of one of the world’s largest and most successful financial institutions, S&P Global.

Kensho acts as S&P’s innovation and transformation hub, enabling it and its clients to use information more intelligently and effectively. Here you will have the opportunity to create impactful, scalable contributions that have the potential to transform the way the world thinks about data.

You will get to work with a diverse and inclusive group of curious, highly accomplished engineers and business professionals who value collaboration, curiosity, and mentorship at all levels. Here at Kensho, swinging for the fences is considered a team sport, and every Kenshin’s unique perspective and experiences are valued. You will never be “just a number” at Kensho.

  • Values
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Benefits

Go Team!

We put the team before ourselves. We aren’t selfish. We disagree but commit


We prefer a flat hierarchy, and don’t pay much attention to titles. We encourage intelligent risk-taking; we like action, and we don’t waste time


We encourage differences: we respect and seek out backgrounds and opinions that are different from our own

Open Communication

We default to openness and happily acknowledge and embrace failures so we can learn from them

Pursuit of Excellence

We never sacrifice our high bar and optimize under the assumption that quality work hours from the best people are the scarcest resource

Kensho Diversity & Inclusion

Kenshins are open-minded, intellectual, and invite the diverse perspectives of our team’s global background. Our culture empowers everyone to bring their full, authentic selves to work where every Kenshin’s unique perspective and experiences are valued. We know that building a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and experience spurs innovation, and helps us make better decisions and build better products.

Kensho continues to recognize, promote, and add to our diverse talent in a number of ways. We value diversity at the senior engineering and management levels and celebrate our diverse talent across all organizational levels. Kenshins participate in industry events such as Grace Hopper, support other programs that highlight the development of diverse talent in tech, and we are committed to attracting candidates from many backgrounds.

100% paid insurance
26 weeks paid parental leave
6% 401K match
Unlimited PTO