Klaviyo (CLAY-vee-oh) powers smarter digital relationships, making it easy for businesses to capture, store, analyze, and predictively use their own data to drive measurable, high-value outcomes. Klaviyo’s modern and intuitive SaaS platform enables business users of any skill level to harness their first-party data from more than 300 integrations to send the right message at the right time across email, SMS, and push notifications. Innovative businesses like Good American, TaylorMade, Skims, Stanley 1913, and more than 135,000 other paying users leverage Klaviyo to acquire, engage, and retain customers—and grow on their own terms.

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At Klaviyo, we power smarter digital relationships, turning customer data into faster growth. We’re looking for new team members who are ready to grow their careers and build something powerful together.

We want you to be your whole self from day one. You’ll be empowered with the autonomy to own your work, but will find radical collaboration and shared success central to our culture. We celebrate wins, but acknowledge we’re just 1% done. We support lifelong learning and wellness with generous benefits, so we can stay focused on our north star: delighting our customers. If you’re ready to do the best work of your career, we hope you’ll join us.

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Guided by our values

Our values are the touchstone for everything we do at Klaviyo, from the work we produce to the culture we are building together.

We always put our customers first. Klaviyos start with the customer and work backward. We create products that solve legitimate customer problems. We always do what’s best for our customers, and their customers. We work hard to earn and keep each customer’s trust through products and experiences that improve their lives and speed their path to success.

We strive to make the world more equitable. Klaviyos believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at success. We treat people both inside and outside of Klaviyo with equity, respect, honesty and kindness. We strive to be an absolutely diverse company; we hire for diversity, for opinions and experiences different than our own. We aren’t afraid to speak out when we see injustice. We create products and programs that can provide everyone, everywhere the tools needed for ownership and success.

We are ambitious. Klaviyos don’t limit themselves to the tools and solutions of today. We dream big and aim to solve the hardest of problems; problems that pull future technology into today. Each of us are inventors and entrepreneurs, and together we create the best solutions for customers, even if they don’t scale at first. Experimentation, failure, fast-iteration, and big wins are all valued equally in our culture of problem-solving.

We are always learning. Klaviyos have insatiable curiosity, a constant desire to learn, and to “figure things out.” We’re high-slope and have a relentless curiosity that allows us to uncover and solve the world’s hardest problems. As individuals, we’re knowledgeable about many things, not just one. And when we don’t know something, we’re expected to learn and become an expert for others.

We collaborate radically. Klaviyos are what we create together. We are humble, transparent and on a lifelong journey to be better humans, together. We express strong opinions with kindness and proactively seek feedback. We listen, we share, we encourage, we trust. We are quick to admit when we’re wrong and even quicker to help one another win. No task is below us - we’re as willing to ship packages as we are to set strategy. Our strict “no brilliant jerks” policy helps us recruit, hire and retain extreme collaborators.

We are remarkable. Klaviyos deliver work that is deemed ‘remarkable’ by our peers, our customers, and the market. We start by focusing on quality of work, then learn how to do it faster, frugally, and more efficiently. We are meticulous in each action we take as individuals, as teams. We are rigorous, prepared, and high-performance. We know the “why” behind each problem, each goal and we stay close to the decisions we make to ensure the most remarkable outcome.

We are owners. Klaviyos bias towards action and get sh*t done. We’re willing to do any job. We take pride in our work and accountability for our results. We build our reputation by making sure every action we take is consistent with our values. We use and spend our resources like they were our own.

A sense of community

Klaviyo Resource Groups (KRGs) are grassroots community resources, sponsored by our DEI team, built around a shared identity and/or lived experience (including allies). KRGs provide a sense of community and serve as critical consultants for the business. We currently have seven KRGs plus more in development.

BLACC - Black Leaders For Advancing Community and Culture (BLACC) empowers Black Klaviyos to own their destiny through personal and professional development.

KAPA - Provides a safe space of belonging to the Asian and Pacific Islander community, while building and empowering our members through educational and leadership development.

Kladies - Empower women in the workplace to succeed professionally and inspire future women in leadership

K-Pride - Empower Queer, Questioning, and all LGBTQIA+ Klaviyos by creating a safe community at work.

SAME - SAME EMEA(South Asian Middle Eastern) aims to provide a place of belonging for folks of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent by creating a community that celebrates and shares our cultural traditions with the broader Klaviyo community.

K-Families - K-FRG aims to build meaningful connections between Klaviyos with families of all types: traditional, step, foster, adoptive, birth, biological, chosen, soon-to-be, hoping-to-be, etc.

Latin-Yo - Empower Latin American and Hispanic Klaviyos to excel both personally and professionally by providing a safe, supportive, and inspiring community.
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