Talent Event Video With OpenView Venture Partners

In This Video

We recently hosted a webinar with OpenView Venture Partners focused on hiring and competing for talent in this competitive market. Since most companies are hiring, we thought this topic would be incredibly beneficial. Above is the video from the event.

For this discussion, I was joined by Steve Melia, Talent Partner, and Maggie Crean, Talent Manager from OpenView and we cover a lot of ground.

We discuss great topics like:

*  Lots of data from OpenView’s State of the SaaS Talent Market Report.
*  Advice on how to demonstrate a company’s culture during a remote interview process.
* Why consistency and transparency during an interview process are so important.
* Unique ideas on how to build up your top-of-the-funnel talent pipeline.
* How to get more employee referrals and buy-in from employees on helping out with employment branding.
* And more!

Alternatively, you can check out the podcast version of the event further down below. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️